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White Tie Affair
Rookie Of The Year, The Chain Gang of 1974, This Is Anfield, Witness The Forecast



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Hotel On Baltic, The Castanettes, Double Or Nothing, Pastel Summer, The Highwire Act, Jackie Campbell, Spence Fausett



Cash Games, I Set My Friends On Fire, Watch Out There's Ghosts, Love You Long Time Tournament Gambler and all your family.



The Ska Is Dead Tour 2011
VooDoo Glow Skulls, The Toasters, Monkey, Deals Gone Bad, Super Hero



The Kollective Presents
State Radio AND, Rebelution, Jahnre



Black Llight Burns w/ Wes Borland (formerly of Limp Bizkit, Big Dumb Face, Eat the Day), Stolen Babies



Locals Only Showcase Event!
Krossair, Exilator, Thrash, And Embers Rise, Disforia



Funeral For A Friend
The Sleeping, Emarosa, This Is Hell



The Paper Moon Presents! Amy Ray (of The Indigo Girls)



Locals Only Rock Showcase Event!
The Recovery, Drop Dead Julio, Sorry For Yelling, Going Second, Fourteen Days From Forever



Locals Only Metal Showcase Event!
Scripted Apology, Blessed Of Sin, Penalty Of Treason, As Grace Falls, tba



The Truth welcomes The Epoxies
The Epoxies, The Phenomenauts, Teenage Bottlerocket, Bombs and Beating Hearts, Side Dish



Locals Only Showcase Event!
The Meadows, A Horrible Night To Have A Curse, This Is My Escape, TBA

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Salt Lake City - Year Round Adventure and Site Seeing

Salt Lake City is simply known as Salt Lake or abbreviated as SLC. It is also the most heavily populated city of Utah, a state of US with a population of around180,000. The city is pretty popular for the Mormon Church or The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- day Saints. Outdoor recreation is one of the greatest specialties of the city with many ski resorts located to the eastern part of the capital which was once the host for Winter Olympics held in the year 2002. Salt Lake City is one among the biggest cities of United States along the southwestern region. The climate seems to be more similar to that of the Rocky mountain region. The climate of SLC changes from season to season. It remains dry with a precipitation of 14-20 inches per year, mostly seen as snow that accounts for 50-80 inches on an average yearly. Winters remain snowy and cold while the summers are dry, hot and long. Winter season stretches from the mid November to the first week of March. If you are looking out for skiing in the nearby resorts, this is the best time to travel here. The temperatures recorded during day time ranges between 25 F and 50 F while the lower temperature falls to even 0 F. Spring time starts from the early onset of March to the end of May and is known to be the windiest and wettest time of the year. The higher temperature ranges from 45 F to 80 F. The snowpack covered over the mountain tops does not melt until the end of May or June and so spring is not the right time to enjoy outdoor activities like camping, hiking and boating. Summer start from the end of May lasts till the mid September. It is dry, hot and long and the high temperatures range from 80 F to 105 F with comfortable nights. Rains with thunderstorms are common during this season bringing street flood, lightening and even hail that does not last long though. Autumn is the perfect time to visit Salt Lake City as the climate remains much warmer and drier when compared to that of the spring season. The temperature remains within the comfortable zones of 45 F to 80 F. Some of the must visit places in Salt Lake City include: 1. Salt Lake City Main Library, 210 East 400S - This is a free library with a rooftop garden, amazing natural lighting and enough reading space and a must see architectural building. 2. This is the Place Heritage Park, 2601 E Sunnyside Ave 3. Utah State Capitol, 350 N State St 4. Sugar House, center located at 1100 East and 2100 South - One of the oldest and most fascinating neighborhoods of Salt Lake City. 5. Grand America Hotel, 555 S Main St - Rated among the best hotels of America, this is a fiver star hotel towards the southern end of downtown. 6. Hogle Zoo, 2600 Sunnyside Ave - Elephants and primates are two of the largest exhibits here. 7. Clark Planetarium, 110 South 400 W Apart from all these attractions SLC is also known to be the best place for outdoor activities and the places remain lively always. The Great Salt Lake is the salty and shallow lake located along the northwestern part of the city. It is popular for the year round boating rides and is also known to be the lake that never freezes.


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