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Cycling For Weight Loss

If you are serious with your weight loss program, get some help from the experts. You have to understand that everybody is different and one thing may work with others, but not with you. As a rule, losing weight appropriately will take a while and requires both diet changes and training.

If you cannot afford to consult a physician or a fitness guru, then go grab some books or make some clicks online to get answers. But be careful, not everything that you see and get online is true and correct.

One of the first things that may pop up once you search for weight loss solutions is cycling. This is a fun method for getting fit faster. Just so you know, there are better techniques for cyclists to lose some weight and keep it off long-term.

It is interesting to observe cyclists compare and talk about the different elements on their bikes. Some spend so much to buy those tiny pieces of equipment.

There are many bike riders who are weight obsessed. They wonít get tired of improving their biking experience and make it more challenging. This helps in better and faster weight loss process.

But can exercise solve all your weight issues? Definitely not. It can be instrumental to lose excess pounds but you have to match it with a balanced diet plan. In addition, cycling canít make you lose that excess 10 pounds you are dying to lose to fit your wedding gown.

You do not need to undergo expensive cosmetic surgery; there are cheaper and safer ways to do it. Just visit the nearest health shop and check for proven effective products like garcinia cambogia. Garcinia is a plant extract believed to offer a weight loss solution in a harmless manner.

Basically, weight gain or loss is a matter of balance. Consume more calories than you can burn, then expect to store fat under your skin. Burn more calories than you eat and your body will be forced to make up for the deficit by taking energy from the fat stored underneath the skin.

The math is a kilo of body fat can hold up to 7,700 calories of energy. Riding a bicycle at a stable and comfortable pace will use between 500 to 700 calories every hour. You can burn so many calories that can match a kilo of fat after cycling for 11 to 16 hours.

Nevertheless, when you are riding along at a sensible tempo, you can use some stored fat for energy. The rest is produced using the stored glucose or glycogen in the body.

In order for you to drop a kilo of fat, you need to do a solid cycling for 22 to 32 hours. It would take some time before you can get rid of three (3) kilograms of midriff if you only rely on biking.

There are things you should do or avoid to speed up the fat loss process. First limit or eliminate all the processed and confectionery snacks. Get some seeds, fruits and nuts as healthy alternatives. Stay away from all sugary drinks like coke and pepsi. Choose water because it contains no calories and can do some tricks to lose weight.

Replace all the high-fat processed foods with home cook meals. You should throw foods containing hydrogenated oils or fats from your fridge. Get up and cook something for yourself, avoid ready-to-eat meals.

As much as possible, limit yourself from eating fried food and replace it with steamed, grilled, boiled and baked meals. It might be surprising, but you have to say goodbye to energy bars, gels and those popular energy drinks. Take some energy drinks only when you are racing or planning to bike for a long distance for many hours. Replace those unhealthy foods with homemade muesli bars, fruits, vegetables, and drinks with zero calorie electrolytes.

You have to give up those fast food meals and increase your fish intake. Mackerel, sardines, salmon, trout and herring are some of the best choices. Also, add more beans, salads and seeds to your diet. It would be very helpful if you trim down or completely eradicate alcohol consumption.

Although cycling can help you with your weight loss goals, you should never drop your calorie consumption severely. The bodyís initial response is to send a message to your brain that you are starving. It will then safeguard the stored fat in order to keep it longer. You may feel lighter because your muscles are heavier than the fat.

There are various harmful consequences if you follow crash diet. You will suffer from having a lesser basal metabolic rate. This simply means that once you eat the way you did before, you will regain fats faster.

It is significant that you watch out for your diet when you are cycling and taking some weight loss pills. Not one of them can give you the fastest solution. You have to find the balance of all these elements. Cycling can make you sweat and burn calories a lot, but your effort wonít be enough if you donít eat the right food and quantity.


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